Sales video

How do you use cashbackAPP within your sales team, or your marketing team?
This video explains how to use cashbackAPP to close more orders, by giving every prospect a membership so they have instant access to real money saving offers.
If you want to understand how cashbackAPP can fit into your marketing department follow this link or view the marketing material video below.

Marketing material and opportunities

cashbackAPP can be used in any kind of marketing including brochures, on flyers, in printed adverts or, as in this case on a television advert to capture more data
It doesn’t matter where you use it, your website or call centre or any method you use to generate leads and appointments. It consolidates your offer, it’s got a real feel good factor about your business.

How does your prospect use CashbackAPP

Simple card linked cashback and savings. Use your existing bank cards in cashbackAPP businesses in store or online and collect cashback as a thank you for your business. Users can easily save £40+ per month at over 20,000 in store merchants and with millions of online products.

The different ways to collect cashback

More and more businesses are joining cashbackAPP to reward people when they shop with them. These businesses offer this cashback to your members, so you can leverage thousands of offers to everyone you give a membership to.

The Go Plus premium option saves even more money

With 10,000 restaurants around the UK offering up to 50% discount the Go Plus offer enhances the savings of every member. Simply add Go Plus to one of the registered cards and instantly access dining offers and enhanced online cashback rates.

Protecting your prospects data privacy in line with GDPR

Data is becoming a major issue and by May 2018 if you are not working to the GDPR you may be in real trouble. cashbackAPP is already working to the regulations so you have a ready made solution to meet the requirements of your database and your business.

It’s nice to be able to support your favourite charity

cashbackAPP has partnered with Catalyst and the Charities Trust to match anything you donate from your cashback account from corporate sponsors. So now not only does your chosen charity get all of your donation, they actually get double your donation. So it’s nice to be able to support your chosen charity, but it’s even better when cashbackAPP businesses are paying for it.

Future opportunities within cashbackAPP member network

As the cashbackAPP brand builds there will be people from every walk of life that are regular users. The early adopters of cashbackAPP as a sales closing tool or consolidator will be able to tap into this marketing and lead resource to generate extra revenue.

An overview of the process

How can your marketing benefit?, how do you give away a membership?, do you want to pay cashback to close orders? The programme can be configured in multiple ways and this video highlights some of the different benefits of the cashbackAPP membership for your business.

These videos explain the benefits of using cashback for all your prospects and customers. If you can give them cashback and savings opportunities just for talking to you, it has to create more sales opportunities.