Not every business has the budget to run television marketing campaigns but cashbackAPP works just as well in printed advertising, on door to door leaflets or on your website. And you can be as creative as you like with the offer. And up to now you are only offering money from our network of cashbackAPP businesses. You have not had to contribute a penny.

Why would your prospects be more responsive to you if you gave them a cashbackAPP membership?

cashbackAPP users save money and collect cashback. It’s that simple. If they can save £500 to £700 a year (from independent research) they have more disposable income to buy the things they actually want.

You can give them access to these savings and maintain your own margins. You can use the local Italian restaurant or hairdresser to pay your customers the money you probably give away in discount today to get an order.

But cashbackAPP offer much more than just a cashbackAPP membership. We offer communication tools, marketing tools, a compliant GDPR database, in fact we are the perfect partner for your marketing department, because we will always be in the hand of your prospects and customers. How else could you get your business onto the smartphone of the local community?
cashbackAPP gets you in front of more people because it offers them something other businesses like yours do not offer them. It associates you with high street names. It provides you with sales closing tools and a sales consolidation tool.
So a free cashbackAPP membership saves money if a member uses it, we can agree on this?
What about if you could also pay cashback to a customer for placing an order, do you think this is part of your ultimate sales closing tools ?

Let’s be absolutely clear on paying cashback to a customer to secure an order. You ARE NOT obliged to pay cashback to anyone. However, if you sell on cash and finance facilities, if you ARE going to pay cashback to customers you need to offer it to everyone, so it is not seen as an inducement to take finance.

Paying cashback to a customer is very easy. You can pay a set amount or you can pay whatever you like, different amounts for every order if you like. It’s a fantastic sales close.
A blank cashbackAPP voucher is slightly different. It’s a voucher code and has no value until you give it one. They come in cheque books and can be written out for any value. However they will be registered in your customers cashback account “awaiting validation” until you pay the amount of cashback and authorise the customer to receive the cashback. At the end of the job for instance.

“So Jane you like the product and from our discussions it’s affordable for you. We are automatically giving you a cashbackAPP membership to save you some money, and we are also able to offer you £95 cashback for an order today, shall we get the paperwork finished off?”

A PROMO CODE gives you instant cashback of a set amount that you prepay. So for example if you decide to give £20, £45 or any amount you like to every customer, you simply buy them upfront. As soon as your customer registers on the app or website they are asked for a PROMO CODE. This code automatically drops your cashback into their cashback account along with your logo so they can always see what you gave them. It also automatically subscribes them to your business so you can talk to them in the future. Maybe you have other products they may buy in the future, or, you want to offer them a cashback bonus for referring new customers to you.

We have point of sale material for your sales team so they can engage the prospect without having to worry about how cashbackAPP works. At the end of the day you want them to focus on your product and use cashbackAPP to consolidate the sale.

In the future cashbackAPP will have its own micro economy

cashbackAPP has members from every walk of life, who all have one thing in common. They want to be rewarded with cashback when they spend money. If this works for a holiday, or buying groceries, why would buying home improvement products be any different?

Call us on 0161 764 2553 or send us an enquiry to see what cashbackAPP could do for your sales team right now