We have a tool that you run on your website to automatically increase the quote requests or form fills

–Just reflect on that fact for a minute, how many of these web visitors are you paying for?–

By incentivising people to request a free quote or leave their details on your web forms you are creating more enquiries from the same volume of web visitors. This is the simplest way to increase your enquiries without any extra spend. It’s also the way to engage with more of the people who visit your website in the first place by enhancing your value for money proposition, with dozens of local savings and discounts.

We use popups, banners or just images on the pages of your website to show the web visitor the incentive. We only enhance your products we are clearly an added incentive to request a quote.

That’s a significant sum of money and could pay for your product in part or completely

An independent survey by Lloyds Bank of its digitally aware customers found savings of £440 a year when using cashback websites. It was further enhanced to £740 a year when they also switched utility providers.
All these offers are within the free 12 month membership you are offering as an incentive for just requesting a quote.

The beauty of this offer is the simplicity. It’s automated on your website so it’s working all the time. We are aiming to incentivise some of the 96% of people who do nothing on your website to request a quote. The rest of your sales funnel doesn’t change at all

3. Happy prospects

You are giving people money saving deals just for requesting a quote. It has to be the best first impression you can ever create

You are providing real local savings and along the way you are associating yourself with some of you prospects favorite local shops. These are some of the best loved on the high street so there can only be benefit by association.

Our offers geolocate so your prospect always see their own local offers, anywhere in the UK

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Our incentive is designed to get a few percent of the people that normally leave your website without doing anything, to request a quote or leave their details. Even a tiny percentage will reduce the cost to acquire a lead dramatically.
Once you have the unique link and its set up on your website you do not have to do anything, as long as your standard conversion metrics are the same in turning the enquiry into a lead you have generated free leads.