Our offer is really simple, we give you local deals and discounts to give away to incentivise your prospect to request a quote or submit their details on your website. After you have the details you provide a link on your website that shows the prospect all the local and online deals. We use pop ups or web banners to show the prospect what they will receive, like the ones below.

This works because it enhances the savings you use to promote your products, now you can add real local everyday savings into the cost justification. You also benefit from the exposure of local trusted businesses on your website.

A recent Lloyds bank survey (2017) of digitally aware customers found they could save £440 a year by using cashback websites which increases to £740 a year if they
add in energy switching. We provide all of this and more

Would you like to see for yourself what your prospect will get? Simply click here

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TLS Discounts operating as sales closing tools do not store any data. All enquiries from this website are contacted within 14 days and all data is destroyed after 180 days. We do not pass your data onto any third parties. We may contact you within 180 days of your initial enquiry to make you aware of any updates or upgrades to our service or products. We will only ever contact you in relation to the product and services you have requested.
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